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My legs a little X-shaped , what a way to correct it?

07.11.2011 · Posted in Health knowledge
My legs a little X-shaped , what a way to correct it?

X “-shaped legs, is standing. Knees together when the feet can not be close together. Intervals over a distance of 1.5cm and it also is due to congenital. Acquired malnutrition in early childhood sitting. Walking posture caused by, resulting femoral adduction. femoral internal rotation and abduction. external rotation of the formation of a bone and joint abnormalities. It’s difficult to root of a large correction, but if we continue. will also receive a certain effect.
the purpose of correction operation is to strengthen the leg exercises. so that the strength of thigh muscle group to be strengthened. triceps muscle of calf to get regular exercise.
(1) sitting in a chair. hands after support. ankle at the clip of an object (by thick for thin). knees close together and then move straight to the horizontal leg. and then drop .15 a 20 X3 group.
(2) two Tuiqu Xi sit. knee outside the open. feet relative. bend arms. two hands on the inside of the knee. Firmly press knee. to the maximum for 2 seconds and then restored.
(3) straight legs to sit. hands after the body stays. knees sandwiched between a soft material (such as small ball). with a rubber band tied to the ankle. Exercise 5 minutes leg force required folder objects.
(4) open into the two legs. knees try to split. chest and stand back. knees semigroup. Slowly lift the heel and then falling. repeatedly lift and drop the heel and up to calf soreness.
(5) leg to the inside of shuttlecock. legs alternately.
ankle pitch those in the 3-6cm. can be non-surgical treatment: massage the thigh muscles during the day and the evening was made after the two children to sleep closer to the ankle and the femoral condyle and tied with a bandage or splint used to gradually correct; and calcium and vitamin D. more than the sun.
malleolus distance in 6-9cm person. can surgery: (1) knee surgery lateral epiphyseal arrest (2) osteotomy on the femoral condyle, you can contact the consultation with the correction of orthopedic surgeons methods (including surgery).
corrected X-type legs correction operation (a)
1.’s foreign splayed feet of patients. walking, each step must be to graze the inside of his knees feel process; choose a straight line on the ground anywhere. step on the line marching feet upright exercise. adhere to the same life depends mainly on the .2. X-shaped legs correction exercises. 1 to 2 times a day:
Section knee pressure Sports: riding. phase two feet by. two hands on knees down gently. Do not pay attention to feet apart. can not be pressed down to the knees when. stop consuming certain period of time.
1. pressure method: a flat place to sit . feet close up. hands slowly down the inside push on the knees and then maximize the knees separated to maintain 5-10 seconds to restore and repeat 15-20 times.
2. Pull method: sit In flat areas. legs close together and flat as possible in the tie around the ankle of a 50 cm long rubber band and then forced out Pull 70-100 cm legs and then relax restore and repeat 20-30 times.
3 folder object method: sitting on a wide bench. his hands on the behind. feet touch the ground. knee flexion (90 degrees). ankle clasp a soft item and then your feet off the ground. extensor. legs as elevation Keep 5-10 seconds. relax restore Note objects can not be lost (descending selected items until the subject can grip a piece of paper). Repeat 20-30 times.
4. valgus law: and feet standing. the body slightly bend forward. squat. forced valgus knees while pressing his hands out the inside of the knees after a 5-10 seconds. to stand reduction to relax and repeat 20-30 times.
5. shuttlecock law: their feet inside the shuttlecock. exchanging left foot kick, the kicking leg around 20-30. a total of four exercises.
II bundle leg exercises: sitting. two Lift legs together. with cloth belt tied ankle. feet around hard earned to move.
3. There are some non-surgical treatments. be long-term perseverance. you can try: 1. take the “cat walk” .2 . sitting cross-legged 20 to 30 minutes and alternate legs. 1 or 2 times a day, while the inside of leg muscle massage. to correct the deformity to increase muscle tone.
correction correction of X-type leg exercise (B)
1 type 1 tight thigh movement. sitting in a chair 1 / 3. spine straight and the body upward.
2. chair with both hands placed on both sides. lift the left foot forward. toes upward. 3 Reduction to change sides repeat 8 to 12 under. 3 times.
2nd Leg movement inside the 1. sitting in a chair 1 / 3, his hands placed on the elbow thigh.
2 his hands out hard elbow brace. thigh forced inward.
3. form resistance for 5 to 10 seconds.
4. Repeat 8 to 12 under. 3 times.
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