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Lumbar spine bone spurs can paralyze you

10.13.2011 · Posted in Surgery
Lumbar spine bone spurs can paralyze you

as long as the conservative treatment by Chinese medicine. can control the disease is present in the most safe and effective topical medicine is recommended powder paste used in therapy. recipe for the physician. pure Chinese medicine powder directly to the lesion by using protective gear. completely avoid the shortcomings of traditional plaster. non-stick body. convenient and effective. high cure rate can be related to Li Kang Yangshengtang view information on the desire to help you.

generally will not. Do not worry, but the need for early treatment.
Hello! spurs. also known as osteophytes. that hyperostosis. is a degenerative bone changes; Department of articular cartilage degeneration caused by new bone proliferation of chronic bone and joint disease. occur in the in the elderly. spur mainly in weight-bearing joints such as the vertebral body. limb joints. calcaneus and other weight-bearing joints. primary degenerative joint disease, normal cartilage is constituted by the cartilage cells and matrix, while the matrix is ​​composed of proteoglycan chondroitin sulfate and collagen fibers embedded in them. chondroitin sulfate content of cartilage decreases with age. resulting in decomposition of collagen micro-fibers. chondrocytes produce senile degeneration. secondary degenerative joint disease, such as trauma. strain of congenital deformities. local bone tissue ischemia. endocrine disorders and neurological disorders caused by common in young adults. single joint involvement. some of the load operation is subject to trauma and others. degeneration of cartilage is not smooth. thinning. fragile . worm-eaten defects eventually disappear completely. exposed ends of the bones due to repair. bone end sclerosis. osteophyte formation of the joint edge. articular surface rough. and then increased due to local blood vessels resulting from osteoporosis. ligament attachment sites can be hyperplasia. calcification and ossification. spur the formation of the clinical manifestations and bone spurs on the site. cervical bone spurs. may compress the cervical plexus. caused by the neck. shoulder. upper extremity numbness. weakness. pain and sometimes pain more intense. like a knife. electrical stimulation and distal to the upper limbs and head of radiation; lumbar spine bone spurs may have compression of the sciatic nerve in the bend. cough. sneeze can cause the waist. buttocks along the lateral thigh after radiation of the lower extremity pain. calcaneal spur is there enough with pain in both feet touch the ground when the pain increased load. motherland medicine: “liver reinforcement. Kidneys bone.” virtual loss of liver and kidney will be soft bones and muscles atrophy. there Yaoxisuanruan. weakness. spur the current Western medicine treatment of osteoarthritis the disease. more choices surgery. such a high recurrent disease that surgical therapy has considerable limitations; and treatment of patients with painful prominence. surgery cost is very high. high risk of cervical spine surgery more difficult in the medical community many medical workers even think that osteoarthritis is a characteristic of human aging. that is not an independent disease. is the body’s compensatory response to self-protection. These results indicate that this degradation is irreversible. can not achieve radical cure is not necessary to insist .– —- can be used [Chinese] save water treated with bone infiltration treatment is not clear what advice I can add! ! Look at the name ..

Hello! You can use [Chinese] save water treatment bone spur significant effect of clinical results were satisfactory using the rapid containment of pharmaceutical treatment to eliminate symptoms. Powerful medicinal properties. Activate micro-circulation. To promote the local metabolism. Hyperplasia scattered calcification deposition absorb part of a fundamental solve osteoarthritis. spur syndrome. aseptic inflammation of the good results. general medicine can be effective in 5 to 8 days. hyperplasia in patients with mild bone 15-30 days to heal. with no pain . quick. efficacy of high toxic side effects. easy to use and so on. to create a non-radical surgery, Chinese medicine treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms bone spurs precedent. to fill the gaps in the field of treatment of this disease, why save that we Chinese have such a bone of water good effect? This is mainly our own syrup can adjust the property. Add a little stronger concentration diluted with water until they can afford the corresponding liquid concentration can add me for advice ..

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